Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School

Model Town, Behind Police Quarters, Near Naini Lake, Delhi-110009

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Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School aims to prepare students for life and its challenges and so it believes in imparting knowledge to prepare students to face global challenges as insightful and responsible citizens. A diversified curriculum is designed on at par with global standards along with the right amount of hands-on practical training as well as social learning projects to meet the need of the hour.
The school strives in developing foundational practices that cultivate compassion, build resilience and addresses the issues of our time through a systematic values-based approach. The students are being trained with humanistic skills such as respect, patience and kindness.
The school envisage a vision oriented learning system that will propel today's youth to become tomorrow's leader and reach greater heights. The school facilitates skill development of youth so that every student is equally proficient in education as well as skill. A unique blend of quality education and skill development is imparted to students. The school instils a belief in students that Learning today will help them to lead tomorrow.
Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School emphasises in transforming learning through technological interventions. To keep pace with the changing pedagogy of classroom education the school focuses in leveraging technology for quality education.
Digital Revolution in the education sector has not only increased students access to knowledge but also skill opportunities for teachers. At Arvind Gupta DAV School teachers make the most of the opportunities and share the knowledge and skills on a paradigm that the world has adopted. Teachers have empowered to grow as a result of the New Education Policy 2020 that aids them in the process of adapting to technology and keep up with changes and challenges of upskilling.
The school focuses on building life skills in the next generation which will enable students to handle different situations capably. The school believes that the life skills development will enable youngsters to direct and manage their lives positively and can help them to be self aware, embrace diversity and collaborate better.
Arvind Gupta facilitates learners to move from being consumers of information to become producers of information. The school ensures that students are actively engaged in research activities. Classroom teaching is linked to research and concept application so that every student is put at the centre.
The school curriculum is mapped with SDG goals to sensitise and empower students with the knowledge, values and 21st century skills. The curriculum is programmed around Learning by Doing with impetus on Real Life Experiences.
The school emphasizes in facilitating for future by bringing in new strategies of learning. Hands-on learning and experiential learning are much focused on.
To engage learners in the cognitive process the school encourages to hone the thinking skills of the students-critical thinking, design thinking, analytical thinking, logical thinking, strategic and holistic thinking.
Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School aims in bringing the two disciplines STEAM and STEM together at its best. The school encourages the educators and students to blend the best of Science and Artistic disciplines.
Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary has been listed in the Band 'Excellent' among the DAV Institutions for Class X and XII CBSE Board Exam in the year 2020-21. The school has achieved highest Benchmark of Academic Excellence and Placement. Students have attained remarkable positions in diversified fields and placements in top corporate. Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary School had the privileged of educating some of the best most brilliant students who all brought laurels to the school.
The school encourages a student focused approach to career-building where they can tailor their career path to suit one's unique interests.
The school ensures in safeguarding the physical, emotional wellbeing and mental health of students. By making learning interactive,fun and engaging the school facilitate the students overall development.
Arvind Gupta DAV School emphasises in facilitating Social Work Education among students to instil sensitivity among them to the needs of society. The school encourages students to work with groups of special children, victims of natural calamities, the elderly and self-help groups.
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Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School
Model Town, Behind Police Quarters,
Near Naini Lake, Delhi-110009 
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