Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School
Model Town, Behind Police Quarters, Near Naini Lake, Delhi-110009
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Science Activity Center  

The crucial role of experiments in school science curriculum is universally accepted. A good science curriculum must not only give balanced emphasis to both theory and experiments but also integrate these two essential and complementary aspects of science in the teaching-learning process. Modern science, as we all know, is the result of a creative interplay of experiments, observations and theoretical inference.The school has well equipped Science laboratories to involve children of the school in Science - related practical work, we try to provide opportunities for the children


  • To work on their own and acquire confidence in handling tools and materials.

  • To carry out for themselves simple, improvised experiments - using easily available, inexpensive material - in order to illustrate the facts/laws of science which they study in their theory classes.

  • To develop their skills of careful observation.

  • To develop skills of systematic and precise recording.

  • To develop other skills like measurement, estimation, classification, enquiry - obtaining and using information from a variety of sources, communicating and applying the knowledge learnt to other situations.