Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School

Model Town, Behind Police Quarters, Near Naini Lake, Delhi-110009

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“A simple but powerful reminder of the positive domino effect a good education can have on many aspects of a person's life and outlook.”
Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School over the last 36 years has forged a reputation as an institution that effectively blends the finest of Indian values with modern, scientific temperament that will make a generation of truly global citizens. DAV Organisation has long been associated with excellence in education and at Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School we aim in imparting an education that provides excellence through finer values.
We believe in imparting a cohesive vision of education to the child of the 21st century and ensures that every student benefits from education not as a means to a career but as a guide to face challenges in life. 21st century demands proficiency in skills and I believe that the young minds of today can inculcate the desired skills best through experiential learning.
There has been a sea change in the world that we live in and I think understanding and appreciating the needs of today's youngsters is also an immediate requirement of 21st century adults. A good education is not merely teaching a child to meet challenges but also to teach them how to grow through them. The role of educators therefore should be to empower students with tools to self-awareness and an indomitable resolve to experience and conquer life as it comes. At AGDAV School we continuously strive to empower our students to be confident, self-possessed young citizens who all can bring positive change to their communities and the world.
Today's youngster is a young adult whose mind is a cauldron of brewing thoughts. So if students are made aware that within them exists infinite power, knowledge and goodness waiting to be unearthed their whole approach to education, school and teachers would be revolutionised. Every student would be a bundle of energy, full of hope, sensitivity and enthusiasm irrespective of his academic capabilities. I have full conviction that this modern approach of education will inspire the present generation to have original thoughts by which they can be better connected with society and become confident and solution oriented.

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Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School
Model Town, Behind Police Quarters,
Near Naini Lake, Delhi-110009 
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